Recipe Book



I love cooking and have heaps of recipes that I had bookmarked, printed out or sent in a chat. Because they were never saved in an easy to access and to use location I would inevitably lose or forget the recipe.

I decided to create a place where I can easily browse, update and upload recipes.

The brief I gave myself is as follows:

  • It needs to be accessible and easily searchable - Make it a website.
  • It should be easy and convenient to upload new recipes to.
  • The design should be unintrusive and logical, putting the recipes first.
  • The website should be accessible to everyone

Some of the features that make it stand out from other recipe websites:

  • There is an automatic dark mode that is also toggleable from the main menu via the moon. The website checks your device setting to see if you have dark mode enabled and matches your setting. Alternatively, if you toggle the moon it will remember that setting for the duration of your session.
  • In the menu there is a button that prevents the display of your device from turning off allowing you to easily refer to the recipe without your device falling asleep. There is nothing worse than needing to unlock your device while your hands are covered in dough.
  • Another feature is the shopping list. Say if your planning what to cook for the week you can easily go through and select the recipes that you would like to cook and the ingredients will be added to a simple list so you can easily go to the shops and get everything you need.

If your having a look about the site feel free to create an account and submit some recipes 😁.

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